Industry-first! Launched small lot OEM for overseas

For companies, gyms, junior high schools, high schools and university clubs We manufacture original protein from 200 KG!


Utilize proteins to make the body
Not only athletes training but also daily nutrition support is effective.

You might have the impression that the protein is for muscle-builders. However, muscle, hair, skin, nail, they are all made by protein. Ingredients that make up the body. That is protein.

HIGH CLEAR(ハイクリアー)

HIGH CLEAR promises CLEAN & CLEAR high quality

We pursuing a transparent taste like clean and clear air,this protein has cleared the highest standards.


HIGH CLEAR BRAND CONCEPT : Dare to say, We want to be an unnamed brand

1.Provide at a low price that you can keep drinking every day
(Own raw materials, control production, reduce outsourcing as much as possible and realize low prices)
2.Perform all development and management in-house and manage traceability
3.Don't dare to advertise, keep advertising costs down and keep providing low prices
4.Provides a lot of delicious tastes so that you will not get bored of drinking every day
5.Improve the taste every day to keep the evaluation that it is delicious even if it is cheap

  • We accept OEM production of hydrogen ions and proteins

    We accept OEM production of hydrogen ions and proteins

    We plan and produce original hydrogen ion supplements and proteins from small lot. We promise you can make products what you can satisfy.

  • Recruitment of business partners

    Recruitment of business partners

    We are looking for suppliers who want OEM production by changing the package of HIGH CLEAR protein.
    Please feel free to contact us.

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